Monday, 18 July 2016

Monday Meal Plan

This week I tried to get ahead by planning on Sunday but really struggled to get a plan together. We have a fridge and freezer full and yet I still couldn't decide what to cook or what I wanted to eat! I think it was being distracted by catching up with TV from the week - I did manage to pour some red wine into my water glass which was somewhat amusing and probably would of done better doing the plan with the radio on instead perhaps!

Some of the evenings are not finalised, towards the end of the week am catching up with a friend I met through night school a few years back - one drink may well turn into dinner! Also me and my boyfriend have not spent much time together with erratic work hours, so may also have a date night to the cinema. Perhaps that's why I am a bit reluctant to meal plan in full?

Last week was mostly on plan, not that I had blogged it but we had some highlights - a risotto of sorts made with buckwheat on Thursday was really good - so much its made it on to this weeks plan! It was packed with veg and tasted so good and fresh! The FODMAP is still mostly on plan - I did have a bit of an IBS flare earlier in the week which I think was a combination of eating out and a busy schedule! I'm due to see the dietitian again soon to discuss re-introduction..should be interesting!

Anyway - this week potentially will be:

Miso Aubergine, sticky sesame sweet potato + basmati rice 
Gammon buckwheat-otto, courgette, pepper 
Fish pie-salmon & basa, kale
B-pork tortellini
Pork Pad Thai 


  1. Very interesting to read about your FODMAP diet. I also struggle with IBS (have had for years) and am currently seeing a dietician/naturopath. I will have to ask her about it next visit. I agree that eating in restaurants is a huge challenge as I also have a long "do not eat" list. Good luck to you!

  2. Oooh I love pork pad Thai! I have started to try and get ahead by planning the following weeks meals as I write my shopping list. I am also trying the schedule the post more. Hope you are having a lovely weekend x


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