Monday, 4 July 2016

Monday Meal plan #FODMAP

So after a few interesting weeks adjusting to the first stage of the #FODMAP diet, I'm having less meltdowns, eating more delicious things and actually getting used to it! On the positive side it really has highlighted already a few foods that I probably should long term not make eye contact with- there has been admittedly a few weak moments to find that out! Financially I seemed to of spent more - one would think cutting out half the things I usually buy would mean spending less but in the interest of not entirely losing my sanity I have been trying out things instead - the amaranth porridge was definitely interesting but the cheesy baked millet was delicious and we are total converts to buckwheat mash!

We managed to stay fairly on plan last week, though the calamari was moved to Friday night and the sausages I will use another night, probably the weekend instead. Thursday was a wash out - couldn't decide what to eat and by the time I decided the tenant downstairs went into the kitchen at the exact moment and started cooking instead, so I had a FODMAP flapjack and B had a sausage from the takeaway counter! Very glam!

Eating out still is frankly a nightmare and Saturday night proved even more fun - I accepted a last minute dinner invite to a popular pizza chain and managed to find a shard of glass in my dinner which cut my lip. Last time I order a gluten free pizza base! No idea where it came from but certainly an unwanted surprise!

Two highlights from last week are:

GF Breaded mustardy Pork steaks with cheesy baked millet:
(the lemon was ginormous! Not fully FODMAP as bought the wrong GF breadcrumbs!)

The majority of my sauces are made from scratch - and previously always had garlic or onion in - so adjusting so not having them has been a challenge but the below was really good! The flavour profile is so different but in a good way! Lots of fresh coriander pimped it up perfectly, combined with a little grated carrot to start and sweeten the sauce, finished with smoked paprika and gently simmered for about 2 hours until perfect!

Smoky Tomato and fresh coriander sauce - garlic, onion free and #FODMAP friendly- so tasty!

This weeks dishes are all adapted to suit the FODMAP plan. Breakfast is the usual overnight oat's pots, I usually make up 5 on a Sunday night as part of my meal prep to make things easier! Lunches are mostly involving a combination of salad veg and suitable leftovers - this week am super busy working cross-sites so it will be a very portable feast!

Italian Baked eggs 
(a real favourite, make this one regularly but today's will be bean free to adapt!)

Corned beef hash, carrots and dwarf beans 
(Fancy some comfort food!)

Cheesy bacon GF pasta bake 
(Lots of cheese to use up!)

Smoked cod & squid Paella 
(Not had paella in ages, bought a small smoked cod fillet reduced to this will stretch it out!)

Eating out potentially!
(A nightmare on FODMAP but have chosen a pricy steak place!)


  1. This all sounds absolutely delicious. Am intrigued to know what FODMAP is!

    Laura x x x

    1. Hi Laura - basically remove most of the things you know and love and re-learn everything you cook! Its been an interesting month! You can find out more on the KCL site if you are interested! :)

  2. Oh gosh, hope your lip is ok? What did the restaurant have to say? Hope they gave you your meal for free? Your meals sounds lovely this week, cheesy bacon pasta sounds amazing! Have a great week #mealplanningmonday

    1. Lip is okay but still a bit swollen inside and sore! Hopefully will get back to normal soon! Yes-did get the main course free at least and the manager was really good about it all.

      Its the first time am using the gluten free pasta - am hoping will be amazing too!!

  3. Oooh the Italian baked eggs sound so good! OMG a shard of glass in your meal!! I hope you're ok. Hope you have a great weekend. Thank you for continuing with the #mealplanningmonday blog hop x

    1. The eggs were delicious as always Kirsty! Definite favourite here!
      Mouth is slowly healing thanks, was not impressed!


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