Monday, 20 July 2015

Weekly Meal Plan

Last weeks promised blog post didn't happen, instead we were out every night last week and all weekend, so my laptop has barely had a meaningful glance of late! I have in been in two minds about blogging a concoction I made last week, involving tortilla wraps, eggs and potatoes.. it was pretty tasty but thinks needs some work on its presentation! I picked up 4 packets of eggs for 25p reduced so its lots of egg dishes right now!!

It was also a super busy week in that my boyfriend successfully passed his class 2 driving test and I have a new job lined up! Lots of change going on! So this week I have scaled back our evening plans, I need some rest! I really struggle if I am on my feet all day, by the time the evening comes they are screaming so I have kept the meal plan relatively easy, without needing long periods of standing just in case they misbehave!

Tonight's dish of Tortang Talong has already been eaten! I started writing this up in between eating as I have to go to my pilates class soon! If you have not heard of Tortang Talong before or are wondering what it is, I am not surprised! Its a delicious and super easy Filipino dish, sort of an aubergine eggy coated fritter, that my bestie taught me to make, well verbally at least! I have pinged her over a picture to see what she thinks of it! It doesn't photograph too well! We enjoyed it though, the silky aubergine flesh and sort of omelette coating are very tasty together, I steamed the aubergine in the microwave and it worked a treat and far quicker than roasting!

Tortang Talong, stir fried courgettes, basmati rice 
Tuna quesadillas, salad and sweet potato wedges 
Cheese n bacon Omelette, roasted tomatoes and green beans
Polish sausage, bubble n squeak 
Teryaki pork stir fry, noodles 

What are you all planning this week? Anything new or tried n trusted?


  1. Haa! Great minds think alike, we will have to swap notes on the tuna quesadillas :D I've not made them using tuna before, but realised I had 8 tins of tuna up the cupboard!
    That Tortang Talong sounds really good, I either love or hate aubergine depending on the dish, I think I'd like that though ;)
    Have a good week and change is good! Hope the new job works out great!

  2. Wow, real mix of cuisines there. I LOVE aubergines so I'm really intrigued by the Tortang Talong. I've never heard of it before.

  3. Thanks Mother Mands- new job is a huge promotion and terrifying but in a good way!! Agree on aubergine, its my favourite veggie - when cooked right!

    Alison I can never stick to one cuisine, our household and family is so mixed we have lots of different influences! The Tortang Talong was delicious, definitely make again!


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