Monday, 27 July 2015

Monday Meal Plan

Last week simply flew by! We managed to keep fairly on track with the plan though Thursdays Polish sausage became German Bratwurst instead, oh and Friday night when I attempted to set off the smoke alarms for the local vicinity! I was simmering the pork, got carried away talking and boof the kitchen was like a thick fog!! Oops! Don't think I impressed the chap downstairs by screaming don't open the door like a loony!! As it was I had eaten too many crisps and biscuits (So healthy right?) so dinner was abandoned and B ended up with hotdogs! Ooops!

This week I have realised I have let the food bill go up more than a more determined effort at using fridge stuff this week! I normally pride myself on frugality but its totaled £145 so far this month, though we did do a big cupboard stock up so might explain some of it..and we have had a few family meals here, so it all adds up...!

I am trying to upload a photo of tonight's dinner - which was sooooo good but my phone is playing silly buggers..think iTunes is doing yet another update...will try later! Have not checked boyfriends plans either so I might swap Tuesday for Wednesday instead...we shall see!

This weeks plan:

Parmesan crumbed basa burger, new potatoes and greens 
Sausage and mustard baguette, roasted tomatoes 
Quiche, green beans and potato salad 
Macaroni cheese with bacon, greens 
Garlic sausage noodles 

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  1. Ooh, love the sound of the garlic sausage noodles (there is nothing not to like in that dish). Looks like a good plan.


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