Monday, 13 July 2015

Meal Planning Monday

My laptop is finally back home! Oh how I have missed you! It turned out the battery was not to fault after all, somewhat reassuring considering I only bought it in January, and instead it was the charging cable which had a bent pin. I have no idea how it happened (though I have my suspicions) but at least it was an easy fix but two weeks without my pc felt like a lifetime! This follows on from not having a working phone for most of June after its car park floor party for one! Lets hope nothing else breaks now as my blog has been completely neglected bar a post I tried via my iPad- I wish blogger would make a better app for it as its very poorly designed!

As a result of the pc's absence, my meal planning has not been brilliant and the food bills went up unsurprisingly - I keep lists of our freezer contents, which helps with the planning rather than rummaging through getting cold - so now I need to do a reconciliation as I am not entirely sure what went in or out of it! Fortunately everything is labelled but I did manage thaw carrot instead of sweet potato chunks last week but at least was still usable in the intended dish!

In June my cooking mojo also went out the window somewhat - we had a super stressful time with my partners employment changes, causing untold stress, my aunt's also been poorly which has been a huge worry and time has simply flown by! Food is definitely back on the menu other than instant noodles jazzed up, and the experimental side is resurfacing! 

This pudding was one of those rummage through the cupboards and see what can make puddings! Its crust is made of graham crackers - not overly sure how much I liked them though, give me a digestive any day- topped with a can of chocolate filling (definitely a worthy cupboard cheat!), slices ripe bananas and whipped vanilla cream! Oh and mini marshmallows and a grated chocolate Easter bunny that still needed eating!

So this weeks meal plan - its a busy week with lots on outside of work, so its relatively simple - and using up odds n ends in the fridge! I roasted a gammon joint yesterday which is feeding us a few lunches this week and whatever's left gets used in Wednesday's dinner! It definitely pays off to cook a bigger weekend joint of meat to cover a few days eating! I also don't need to go shopping all week - my boyfriend now takes the car every day for week so I have to plan military style at the weekend!


  1. Your plan looks delicious! I am also in awe of your organization - I haven't even thought of freeezer lists, but might do that. Sounds much better than rummaging through it with your fingers falling off.

    1. Thanks artic! I am lost without those lists!!

  2. Ooh I can only imagine the torment of having no computer for that long! It's shocking how much we rely on them. I am going up to Scotland at the beginning of September, and doubt they'll be any signal/wi-fi, etc and after the initial shock I am looking forward to being 'tech free' :) glad you have it sorted now though and meal planning is back, it does help loads having a plan for the week, I really enjoy working mine out each week...I am rather sad :D

    Have a good week anyway and hopefully a much more stress free one ;)

    1. It was horrible! Me and technology are foes it appears, killed the previous laptop!

      Good luck with the wi-fi free! We had limited signal back in the summer on holiday, was testing at times as we are far too reliant on the eletrical goods!

  3. Wonderful recipe...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa


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