Thursday, 24 March 2011

Baci Di Ricotta - Forever Nigella #3 “Ciao Italia”

After making several Nigella recipes this month, though none remotely Italian in theme or ingredient, I thought I may have to forgo this months Forever Nigella challenge over at Maison Cupcake…but I ended up making two Nigella recipes on the same day, both involving Italian ingredients! Typical hey!

Then came the challenge of deciding which one to post! Both were good…but the winner had to be the Baci di Ricotta, taken from Nigella's book Feast. (which roughly translate as Ricotta Kisses! How adorable is that!) Over the previous weekend me and D had made Spinach and Ricotta cannelloni together (post to follow shortly), and were left with just over half a tub of ricotta to use up; admittedly not something I use very often and it had been banished it to the back of the fridge, promising myself to turn it into pasta sauce of some kind….However, following a sunny Monday afternoon spent perusing various cook books on the chance of a recipe using up the ricotta, Feast came up trumps with this tempting dessert recipe. Whilst the original recipe called for 200g ricotta, I roughly scaled it down to the leftover quantity and took it from there! Fortunately my rough calculations worked a treat and made myself very popular with D, especially after serving up a meatless dinner that evening!

The Baci di Ricotta puff up so beautifully, do not be tempted to put any more than a teaspoon of mixture into the hot oil! Once cooked and a short rest on kitchen paper, give them a thorough shaking with plenty of icing sugar and serve warm, then watch them disappear! They take no longer to prepare than it takes than to heat the oil, and I will be definitely making them again. They are so light, puffy, sweet and yet not too sweet at the same time. Though I do admit part of me was thinking a little chocolate sauce to dip into next time would not be a bad thing! 

Baci di Ricotta recipe can be found over on the Nigella website, I am not posting here, as per the Forever Nigella rules.


  1. These look great, I think I've had ricotta to make cannelloni with but I was stuck for something sweet to do with it. Thanks so much for joining in with Forever Nigella 3! Ciao!

  2. What delightful little puffball kisses!

  3. I've only ever cooked with ricotta once, time to try again, these look lovely.

  4. They sound lovely, and a perfect use for leftover ricotta - I'm always looking for ways to use it up!

  5. Thankyou everyone for your lovely comments, its a great, quick recipe for using up the ricotta!

    D's mum also made them later in the week and doubled the sugar, well worthwhile if you prefer them a little sweeter :)

  6. Ricotta kisses with chocolate sauce - now that's an idea! Very nice post.


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