Monday, 18 January 2016

Meal Planning Monday

Oops its Monday again, I really did mean to blog a recipe but er I hmm I can't even claim I was even that busy but our home routine has changed a little due to a change of shift patterns for my boyfriend and I am trying to finally start the photography e-course I bought in July! I have done the first section at last so at least its been quite a productive week and I finally understand what ISO is (I think so anyway!!)!

Food wise I had a first on Sunday! I made Salmon en Croute for the first time! Why its taken so long I am not sure as I love this dish so much whenever I have eaten it and on a whim I decided to invite family over and give it a go, after all January is a long dreary month after all the Christmas hype etc so I thought it would be good to squeeze everyone in our tiny lounge! Luckily everyone is used to our lap trays! I think it doesn't matter what you have, old, new or inbetween - its who you have around you to share your food with is all you need in life. I was super happy too with my first attempt - perfectly cooked and clean plates all round, apart from mine - think my serving size was a bit too generous but will make a lovely lunch tomorrow!

I have not bought very much in the sales other than this amazingly bargainous awesome purchase - my new utensil jar - the nice lady in the garden centre said she would reduce down anything I wanted- and I got this cute Cookie Monster one for 75p!! I do like an eclectic kitchen!

Anyway on to the meal plan - as mentioned last week, I have started planning over 2-3 weeks instead with a rough idea based on a main ingredient in the freezer, naturally as I've misbehaved and went off list (I did write and take list to shops but by time got to store it was gone oops!) I've had to make some minor adjustments but it has been a useful exercise as I have just bumped boxes down a bit! 

I am also making an extra effort not to waste anything, last week I found a forgotten wedge of Le Roule which I had to sadly discard as it was lurking from New Year's! I have inventoried the fridge again and need to crack on with using up some of the many random jars of pickles, jams and who knows what else! Last week I finally cracked open the green tomato chutney I made in autumn last year, when it was cooking I was dubious but its mellowed beautifully and become a very pleasant to eat chutney! Just now to decide what to do with two large jars of it! 

Tonight its dinner for one - the dearest has gone to see Star Wars which held little appeal, though I really should stop nibbling on cheesy tuc's or I won't be able to finish it! The basa fillet is leftover from yesterday - my Mum dislikes Salmon so I made her own little Basa en Croutes yesterday, and following a recipe I made last year I am rather looking forward to it!

Baked camembert, part bake bread, pickled radishes (I got the cheese for 55p reduced yay!)

Sweet potato, courgette and chorizo jambalaya. Mint crème fraiche dip (using up bits)

Ham and greens hash, fried egg (more using up leftovers etc)

Ikea meatballs, rice or mash, cream gravy, green beans (Naughty Friday night meal as by Friday am exhausted!)


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