Monday, 4 January 2016

Meal Planning Monday

This weeks plan started yesterday, after thinking about it all weekend and is possibly one I have least enjoyed! I love my food. I do not like restricting my food but this week I have to follow a low residue diet for a couple of days and I am so glad its not any longer! Trying to decide what to make is a constant web search as to whether something is suitable and even then having to question it because it conflicts with the list I have been given, then they conflict themselves by saying have chicken salad but also no raw veggies?! So confused! I have a beautiful new meal planner courtesy of my Auntie from Christmas but I am saving it for next week as this weeks list makes me sad! 

After several months of little appetite and a nightmare digestive system, to the point of needing to now follow this diet ahead of an MRI scan to find out what's going on, it typically falls in a week where I have a good appetite, and going on a work site visit that's catered - that will be me in the corner with the sad crackers and cottage cheese salivating over a feast! All I really care about is being hungry and wondering what on earth I can eat! I know its a little pathetic and its only 2 and a bit days but me no like being told what to do or eat!

Breakfast for me is usually porridge but I can't touch it now till Friday! I really dislike cereal and am not much of a breakfast person anyway but planning this bit has been hardest, I think I have settled on making some plain drop scones tonight to have over tomorrow and Wednesday as I can hide in my bag and hopefully keep hunger pangs at bay!

Lunches are usually leftovers but I have bought a family sized tub of cottage cheese, some plain crackers and hopefully I won't hate either too much by the end of the week!

So that leaves dinner - tonight is fine though I forgot to thaw anything so my choice has somewhat reduced but the next two nights are so very dull! I love my veggies its very hard not to have them! I will be cooking regular meals for my boyfriend, lucky guy hey!

Monday - Spaghetti hoops with marmite cheese on toast

Tuesday - Plain omelette with mashed potato (low res day)

Wednesday - Tinned tuna with macaroni and a splash of soy sauce (low res day)

Thursday - Pork and leek sausages with baked cheesy polenta and roasted veggies

Friday - Sweet chilli salmon fillets with coconut rice and green beans

So I hope you are all having delicious weeks - I will be looking with envy at your meal plans!



  1. Wow that meal planner is lovely,I hope the days pass quickly for you #mealplanningmonday

  2. Lovely meal planner - oh my god, hoops on marmite cheese on toast? Mr M would be all over that. I'm putting that in the memory bank!! Thanks for joining in x

    1. Haha its so embarrassing but honestly one of my favourite meals! Is like a bit comforting hug - though its got to be that lovely orange processed cheese though Mrs M! x


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