Monday, 7 December 2015

Meal Planning Monday

This year has simply flown by, months have rolled over into new months and along with job changes for both of us and the usual dramas of life its been a bit of one of those years I will be quite glad to see the back of! Meal planning has gone from 6 weeks strict planning to erm nothing! Also the last two weeks we were skiving really, swanning around the Lake District, Scotland and the Yorkshire Dales eating and drinking our body weight in food in beautiful locations like the below picture:

The Lake District
Just before we went away on holiday, our freezer decided to fail with spectacular timing! I had gone to the trouble of buying some easy stuff like fish fingers for when we returned from the holiday for quick dinners and to lose it all, along with other random things like curry leaves and random bits of cheese that I had stashed away was so heartbreaking! I had food waste and having to throw the lot was gutting, it had failed a good 48 hours before we discovered it so couldn't risk it as who knows what state of decomposition it was! 

So I have roughly drawn up a plan for this week to get back on the straight and narrow. Whether I keep to it will remain to be seen! The past few months my IBS and old reflux have been driving me a bit crazy and when I go to cook the planned meal I either don't fancy it, or eating at all to the point I am now waiting to see a specialist...again....But until then I am going to try again to do a plan at least, its the thought that counts right?!

Battered fish with new potatoes and courgettes
Pork & cider sausages, with cheesy baked polenta and green beans
Quorn mince enchiladas with rice n peas
Dinner with friends...
Tuna pasta bake

I promise to also bring a recipe soon too!

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