Monday, 26 October 2015

Meal Planning Monday

Well last week's plan did not happen at all either on paper or the blog, following a loosely followed one made on the 12th October, I have been subject to an evil flare of acid reflux, which I don't talk much about on the blog (though there was a fair bit of twitter ranting) but it affects me hugely as when it visits it also likes to encourage the old IBS to be a menace too... am back on the med's awaiting a visit to a new gastro doctor...we shall see! It really drives me insane and spoiled lots of recent plans, I am back to making a simple meal plan but having to try and avoid all the things I love I.e. chorizo and anything that is rich and lovely! Am on half portions at the best of times too just to avoid over loading and I've had no wine for over two weeks. My poor liver must be in shock! Not that I drink much but I do miss a glass of red on a Friday night!

This week has started okay... so far... had an appetite so have made myself make a meal plan up! The naughty reflux only woke me at 5am, which whilst unpleasant at least wasn't 2am thanks to starting a new bedtime medicine on top of the morning one!

I had been pretty good lately running off cupboards and freezer but I went a bit mad on Saturday and have re-stocked oops! Though in my defense we were clean out of pesto stocks, which of course is an essential cupboard item!! Not that its on this plan but ya know it might be needed.... 

Am looking forward mostly to tomorrows leftover stew risotto - its a great way of bulking out leftovers and the stew I made yesterday in a rare moment of domestication will be even more lovely to eat, having settled into its flavourings! I'd added a splash of some Fig Vincotto which was a recent gift, and it seemed to work well fortunately! I even made my own soda bread, which was still edible today as well so yay!

Crispy turkey steaks, broccoli and new potatoes 
Leftover beef stew risotto 
Cheesy Bacon and Leek pasta bake 
Fish fingers, cauliflower cheese 
Tuna pizza baguettes 


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  1. Stew risotto - what a clever idea! Hope you are feeling better soon.


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