Monday, 5 January 2015

Monday Meal Plan - Hello 2015!

Despite being a frequent meal planner and advocate for it I had abstained lately from meal planning on the blog, partly because around Christmas time we were all over the place and I didn't want to entirely tell the world we were not at home and I was well, not planning very well as life was keeping us busy with plans changing frequently! Lots of cooking and eating happened which was all good!
December is always a funny month, its a month full of a range of emotions - our friends were blessed with a gorgeous baby boy, my eldest niece turned 17 (how old do I feel!) and within all its joy its also a poignant reminder of those loved ones who are no longer in our lives but always in my prayers and also for those loved family members who are halfway around the world - at least we have facebook to keep in touch and keep sane!
The previous Christmas I was not feeling right at all - I reacted badly to a new medication and I felt like a walking zombie trying to smile my way through the days and after a ghastly bout of hideous hip pain to top it all off and having since had to change my job because of it, its been quite a year and one that I am quite glad to see the back of!! Out of all the things to happen least welcome was the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia after months of poking and prodding - it was so final and I almost lost hope but I have had to learn to pace myself and that itself is often the hardest part but I am learning patience and to look after myself better, and having a good diet plays a huge role!
So I can only pray for better times ahead - I have shiny new laptop to play with and I am determined to make this year count, and more importantly remember to count my blessings - I can't predict the future but I can at least try to enjoy life more and to keep moving forward, come what may!
On a brighter note, For the first meal plan of 2015 its a mixture of using up veg bought cheap after Christmas, trying to clear the freezer of UFO's and scale down the zillion jars inside the fridge! We are changing our 'upstairs' fridge soon as its on its last legs and it needs to be cleared down ahead of this, lots of pickles and jams to eat up!! I have also cooked up a bag of tired new potatoes tonight, which will be recycled into lunches with tinned tuna/ boiled eggs etc.
Monday - Cappellini pasta, with a sort of carbonara and rocket sauce, with the very last of our Christmas treat of hand cut smoked salmon, with garlic toasted 'deli thins'
Tuesday - Sausage, kale and root veggie casserole
Wednesday - Leftover casserole
Thursday - Spinach and ricotta tortellini, with courgette butter sauce
Friday - Chorizo jambalaya or Chicken curry with rice


  1. Mmm all sounds delicious :) hope this year is more positive than the last one! Xx

  2. I would love to hear your sausage and kale casserole recipe. It's one vegetable that I'm not sure where I'm going wrong with. I normally love greens but I find it quite tough and bland.

  3. Lovely meal plan - thanks for linking up as always!


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