Monday, 10 November 2014

Meal Planning Monday

Last week simply flew by! We stuck to some of the plan but with B's man flu and being generally exhausted from sofa surfing a lot of the dinners became quicker versions. Tuesday's Cauliflower tart failed at the first hurdle as I realised upon taking the pastry out of the fridge it was puff and not shortcrust. And B turned his nose up at the idea anyway so we had cauliflower cheese instead and I had fortunately picked up some pork mince reduced, so I added some Jerk seasoning and made little pasties instead with the pastry. I think B was actually secretly delighted by this impromptu meal as I got meekly told 'we never have pie'!

This week I am determined to clear some cupboard space, I actually bought a new vegetable tiered thingy yesterday to keep in our larder aka Narnia to store excess tins! Do not let me buy tomatoes this side of Christmas, I seem to have accidentally hoarded them!! How normal is it to have 15 tins of chopped tomatoes, a large jar of passata, 3 cartons of chilli & pepper passata? Anyone else guilty?

I have made this weeks plan but also have spare a packet of mushrooms and a lot of new potatoes. Most likely one of the meals will change or will be lots of soup made for lunches! Tonight's meatball spaghetti is using up half a pack of sausage meat leftover from the recent sausage roll festival here!

Sausage Meatball Spaghetti 
Aubergine katsu curry, courgettes and noodles 
Chorizo, leek and squash hash with poached eggs 
Tuna pasta bake 
Thai Chicken wing broth or naughty takeaway


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