Monday, 3 November 2014

Meal Planning Monday & Catch-Up

Sorry for the late post - we have already eaten tonight's meal but I am squeezing posting in between finishing work, making dinner, transferring holiday photos and getting ready for my Pilates class! Tonight is not going to be fun - I had my flu jab today - as my Mr B has gone down with it and to be honest after just about seeing the back of a chest infection flu is not on my agenda! Trouble is thanks to the flu jab my left arm is now very sore and it will mean the stretches are, er, gonna be interesting!

Last week I didn't meal plan- mainly as I had actually taken my eldest niece A to Devon for the week, staying with lovely family. We did lots of cooking though I wish I had taken more pictures! A highlight was a pudding - simple bowl of slowly cooked semolina - but topped with caramelised satsuma segments in a ginger and cinnamon spiced butter! Oh and of course a piece of Curly Wurly at A's insistence it needed chocolate - who I am to disagree? Also we made blue cheese and poppyseed biscuits, a rather lovely spicy lentil soup using all sorts of leftovers, a tomato and pesto chicken thigh bake with a lot of cheese on too! Oh and baked apples stuffed with rum spiked sultanas and almonds. Oh and the most awesome ginger crunch biscuits - I will blog them soon, they lasted less than two days from being baked! Ooops!!

Then there was the lunch out to Torquay where we dined on Calamari, Surf rolls, chips, pickled onion-onion rings and deli cucumbers! 

And another lunch out at The Big Food Show in Exeter that very kindly gave us tickets - that was a lovely butternut squash and blue cheese tart with assorted salady bits. Needless to say I really need to cut back as the leggings for tonight's class are feeling pretty snug!! It was great to visit the show for the first time - it was busy but not as crazy manic busy compared to London shows I've attended and we got to see the Hairy Bikers and Marcus Bean cook on stage - plus picking up a few extra treats to take back home! I got my dad some beer called Pheasant Plucker, not one to say when tipsy...!

This weeks plan is not finalised, I won't lie. Mr B doesn't have much appetite so we are playing it on a day by day basis - but the fridge is full and will roughly play out as follows! We are also both exhausted from lack of sleeping so it may all just go awol! I bought the smoked tofu on a random impulse buy - I have only ever beer battered the regular kind but fancy some experimenting - do please leave me a comment if you have a better suggestion for it!!

Chorizo & Cheese omelette, baby corn and asparagus 
Cauliflower cheese tart, courgette and leek saute 
Smoked sausage stir fry 
Butternut squash and Smoked Tofu bake 
Aubergine Jambalya 

Mrs M's Linky
Tomorrow I plan to blog some amazing veggie sausage rolls for you - here is a sneak peek of them:

And yes they do cry out Eat me Eat me!

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