Monday, 28 July 2014

Meal Planning Monday WC: 28/07/14

I am now gently back into the meal planning mode, and most nights its now paying off without having to do much thinking other than on the planning day, a huge relief after days currently spent endlessly filing paperwork! I did try and do most of the meal planning yesterday but after a day  on the sofa procrastinating and watching 7 episodes of 24 back to back I had to re-check it today just to make sure it made sense!

We managed 4 out of the 5 planned meals last week, Wednesday's pork meatloaves became spiced patties instead. Thursdays tuna pasta became mackerel pasta so a minor change really and it used up the packet nearing its end date! 

As ever, its a little subject to change as Tuesday is potentially switching with Wednesdays, as we have enough to stretch the ingredients I bought to 3 people but if my 4th guest decides to reply to my text and is coming, he doesn't like one of the ingredients hence the switcharoo..

When I did the big shop last Friday I bought a pack of Ox heart on a whim, partially because it was extremely good value - £1.04 for 375g and I do try to think one should eat the whole animal, to cut waste.. unfortunately B wasn't so endeared to the idea but bravely managed to eat the sauce, with the Ox bits picked out... I think I will post the recipe up shortly, see what you guys n gals think! The sauce was fantastic so overall a success....!

Ox heart ragu, tagliatelle 
Lamb kofta, spiced sweet potato cubes with, broccoli bulgar salad Mojo dressing, raita 
Prawn and smoked salmon, courgette taglioni 
Fish finger sandwiches, avocado smoosh and mini roast potatoes
Spinach and pine nut gratin 

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