Monday 3 March 2014

Meal Planning Monday - Hello March..

Erm hello March where did you spring from? January went on for what seemed like forever, and then February vanished in a blink of the eye! I got completely thrown by the shorter month as I had a few things all with best before dates of the 1st of March and on Saturday I was scanning through the fridge thinking oh we will have the smoked mackerel tomorrow it doesn't go up till the 1st. Hmm it is the 1st! Anyway we ate it on the 2nd and to no harmful effects! We used it in a tasty pasta bake topped with the last of some stale bashed crackers and a generous scattering of cheese!

Last week's plan was hit and miss - The Harissa pork kebabs. Butternut Squash Israeli couscous with sultanas and almonds were all very delicious but Wednesday's planned Chinese Pork didn't happen, and in turn Thursday's leftovers was not possible, so instead we made a Chorizo and sweet potato rice one pot, which whilst was very tasty but I barely nibbled at mine... anyway we made loads and it fed B well for the next few lunches!..

..The week had started relatively well - halfway through I got another 'all clear' from the oncologist, always a relief (three years now!) but I was feeling a bit under the weather and struggling to get out of bed towards the end of the week - following a long awaited consultation they are working on the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, which explains so much and yet feels like a burden too. However presuming it is that, once some more prodding and poking to be done to rule out anything else, at least now I can move forward and deal with it rather than assuming everything was in my head and I was going slowly mad..! I am forever grateful to my loving friends and family who help me see the wood for the trees on the bad days!

Anyway hopefully this week will be more positive, I've just finished night shifts and not quite sure if right now its day or night but I start new medication tonight with regards to the working diagnosis, so hopefully will feel a bit brighter once that properly kicks in and I actually sleep through the night without tossing and turning in pain..! Roll on bedtime!!

So this weeks plan is roughly as follows - some of the brain fog and exhaustion is still tickling my veins but this makes relative sense right now so hopefully will happen fairly on plan!

Quesadillas - spinach, mozzarella and parma ham with Sweet potato wedges 

Beef kofta masala with pilau rice. Vegetable curry

Green pesto and courgette spaghetti 

Baked chicken legs with Polish seasoning and kaska barley 

Spinach pizza with rocket, pine nut and sundried tomato salad 

MPM 03.03.14


  1. Oh dear, it sounds like you've been having a real time of it. Hope things continue to improve and that you are able to enjoy some of those yummy sounding meals this week.


  2. Sorry to hear you're having health problems :(

    The meal plan sounds yummy! x

  3. Hi, I also have Fibromyalgia for 15 years and just wanted to give u some words of encouragement :) There is a ( nhs) fibro clinic at guys hosp that u can ask yr gp to refer u which is always coming up with new treatments to try ( relatively!, certainly more than yr gp also u can ask to be referred to yr local hosp for pain managment programme/ or pain consultant. Mine did get virtually better- back to running & working full time, but on the Amitriptiline for sleep. don t be put off by the initial 'doziness' the nx day, yr body will adjust. That has been my life saver yay, sleep! , pregabalin is now pretty standard too but i havent found much difference. don t worry if they don t work for u, I know 34 fobro s all on different meds. I eventually had to give up work after having a baby as it then went into overdrive, and am on 5 meds, but i m back at the gym building up my strength again, and we cope and get by, whereas before I was like, I can t give up work after just having a baby. My seriously well phase, i m convinced came about when i was meditating and at a super happy time- we got married etc and a quick diagnosis helped. I hope u find your way. hugs and wellness wishes for u xx


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