Saturday, 17 August 2013

Survivor Scones

You may wonder about the title of these. I call them my survivor scones, as shortly prior to making these I had a hideous time trying to dig out the scone cutter. A few months ago I moved home, and our storage cupboard is very awkward and narrow, and the unit I was using was a nightmare. Nothing got in there easily, nothing came out without a fight. After getting stuck in the cupboard between boxes, and then having one of the bars holding the unit together coming unattached and promptly showering me in an assortment of kitchenalia and also in the process breaking the chef's ring I had found and thought would suffice, making the scones was moving down the list of things I wanted to do that day... getting out of the cupboard alive was fun, digging my way out, holding up the unit with a mezzaluna and trying to calm my racing heart! A glass of wine was very needed afterwards!

Fortunately I escaped with only my nerves dented. We have since invested in a sturdier unit and the cupboard is no longer a prison of my cake tins and cutters! Admittedly a few bits have found new homes in friends kitchen's and the local hospice shop in order to have more space but the majority is now well organised!

I am not sure what made me feel compelled to make scones that day, having just finished work and being slightly knackered and knowing I had invited guests over that night for dinner but I just thought they must happen that day! Even after the cupboard burial! I never even found the scone cutter but I did find one more intact chefs ring and it did the job adequately!

So I suppose what had inspired me to make the scones was a few weeks ago Rodda's the clotted cream people had sent me earlier that week a little parcel of goodies:

Including a very handy tea towel with a scone recipe on, that got pinned with a magnet and the fridge door to hold in place:

 ..I dug out all the ingredients needed, and then started making a nice mess of a very small kitchen:

..Then mixing the lovely Cornish butter with flour, and with the very essential glass of chilled rose to calm my nerves! It was quite therapeutic and stopped my hands shaking at least!

A little more mixing...and after a long time in my oven - finally had scones!

But then a dilemma - do you go Devon or Cornish with your scones - for equality I have topped one the Devon way cream first, and one the Cornish way with cream on top of the jam!

Considering I had not made scones since school, and my oven is awful at baking anything evenly I was rather impressed with my first batch! The rich butter was delicious, they were moist and I will definitely make them again! Whilst strawberry jam would have been lovely, I had forgotten to get any in so we made do with what was in the fridge - black butter jam from Jersey, Peach melba jam from the local farm shop and a jar of blackcurrant and blueberry jam that was lurking in the depths!

Growing up with family living in Devon, and spending a lot of time there we had many a cream tea in dainty little tearooms, so it was in the end a rather lovely reminder of happy days of youth!

Many thanks to Rodda's!

P.s. your fudge too is quite lovely!


  1. Ooh you can't go wrong with a good old cream tea. What a lovely parcel of goodies to receive. I am biting my tongue on the jam first debate ....... really I am ;-)

  2. Nothing makes me happier than a freshly baked scone with clotted cream and jam :-) These look and sound delicious but it has to be jam first for me!

  3. I love a good cream tea and I always do the cream first on scones.

  4. Oh one Devon and one Cornish scone there!

    I loved the Rodda's fudge too, and the biscuits although the fact the lid was in two pieces foxed me somewhat.


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