Monday, 5 August 2013

Meal Planning Monday

This week's plan is a little subject to change, mainly as waiting to hear if friends are available to go out to a favourite Chinese of ours, is old fashioned a little but we love it. Its always clean, friendly and the food is good and piping hot. Cross fingers!

Monday - 
Chicken quarters, baked with tomatoes, garlic and onion. Might throw some olives in too..
Inspired from last weeks post over at Farmersgirl Kitchen

Tuesday - 
This is the potential Chinese night. If not it will be either cheese and pancetta baked butternut squash or pancetta omelette with salad

Wednesday - 
going out for Pizza with work girlies. I've bought a frozen garlic chicken pizza for B to eat at home!

Thursday -
 B is to cook spaghetti bolognese

Friday - 
Gammon from the freezer, fried egg and chippy chips

Weekend not decided on yet - did the weekly shop today so lots to choose from! Have chicken breast in freezer so might involve fajitas at some point...

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