Monday, 12 April 2010

Jamie Does...

I am a Jamie Oliver fan, already owning most of his books and was planning to pick up his latest - however fate intervened and I was very lucky to get sent a copy Jamie’s new book ‘Jamie does…’ containing recipes, pictures and notes from his travels around Spain, Italy, Swede, Morocco, Greece and France, which hits the shelves on 15th April. You can pre-order here from Amazon
The main thing I really like about this book is how each country has a page dedicated to its culinary highlights, is a good showcase of the core ingredients that gives food for thought.

A section that really caught my eye was Spain, as during Jamie’s trip I noted he visited the bull fighting ring in Ronda, which I had also visited a couple of years ago on holiday, following a terrifying drive up the mountains involving me hiding under my hands and refusing to look out of the window – yes the views may be beautiful but I swear I was screeching most of the journey up, saying my prayers!! Luckily my boyfriend is a good driver and we are still here to tell the tale!

On to better things, I really like his selection of Tapas, a good choice of simple, tasty dishes from Chorizo with garlic, Blackened pardon peppers and to drool over the page Ham and cheese Croquetas! I ate similar croquetas at a Spanish restaurant a few years back in London and whilst they were good, Jamie’s sound divine! This will definitely be one of the first recipes I make!

All the other countries too have a great selection of must make recipes, I’ve spotted a lush sounding Crispy cured Meat and Cherry salad in Italy, stunning pink Beetroot Gravadlax in Sweden and a mouthwatering Sweet & lovely Honey and Pistachio cake from Greece. Mmm!

And yes, the bookshelf is about to collapse from overload but it will just have to live on top of it…and the boyfriend can’t complain as-I-didn’t-actually-technically-buy-it……;-)

Big thanks to Jamie's PR team for sending me this :)


  1. Thaniks for this review, I'll keep an eye out for it - maybe order from the library before deciding to buy or not. I do like Jamie and his style.

  2. The book sounds great, I will have to check that one out! The drive you mentioned sounded scary, I am not good with heights and things like that!

  3. I love this book!! Like you, I really like the tapas bit too.

  4. I've been on a few scary mountain drives too, normally heights don't bother me but driving up them freaks me out!

    Just watched the show about Morocco tonight, the food looked amazing! Will have to check out this book soon.

  5. Helen - I always forget I have a library card, maybe if I remember the bookshelf might not collapse anytime soon...!

    Audrina Attic - I can tolerate being up in a plane but really not fond of heights, especially when halfway up a mountain and no crash barrier on the road!!

    Joy - its out now so all yours! :) Hope you like it!

    Jan - Its still on the lounge table being flicked through daily, keep changing my mind what I want to make first! Think croquettas are in the lead!

    Jenny - I don't think I could ever drive up but didn't bother my boyfriend at all! Guess I am a wimp! Really enjoyed the Morocco show, was good to see the culture surrounding the food there, looking forward to this weeks Andalucia one too.

  6. I love Jamie Oliver too, Anne-you´re so lucky to receive his latest book! I only have one of his books but I don´t use it much as I can´t find half the ingredients he uses where I live in Spain even though his books have been translated into Spanish!Love the posts about the Sainsbury´s allergy/wheat free cooking too especially the bhaji´s!! x


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