Saturday, 28 November 2009

Flapjacks in a flash!

I am hoping to finally post my notes from the Masterchef Live ths week, in the meantime I just had to post this recent discovery! Its taken from an old microwave cookery book, however I forgot to write the name down when I took a picture of the recipe (long story!), if anyone knows will happily amend!

So far, I've made pretty awful flapjacks, the last batch became muesli....however despite slightly overcooking these as we have a very slow microwave, the next day they were perfect, I am converted to microwaving them, goodbye oven! Before this its main use was heating up hot milk at bedtime! These flapjacks are soft and taste great, hope you love them too!


Makes about 12 small squares

75g butter
50g light soft brown sugar
2 tbsp golden syrup
175g porridge oats
(optional: handful of craisins)

Place in a bowl the butter, sugar and syrup and cook on high for 2 mins in a microwave, stir in the oats, press into a dish appx 5"x9" (I used a pyrex dish), cook raised up for 3 mins+, (I used an upturned bowl!) Allow to cool and cut into desired sized chunks :)


  1. Interesting method - wouldn't have thought of using the microwave! The ratio of sugars:fat:oats is very similar to the recipe I use, which is soft and chewy rather than hard and crisp. I think the real secret is using the right sized baking pan to give a thick enough layer - if the flapjack layer is too thin it will become crisp very quickly in the oven.

  2. Sue - the mw method was very new to me as well! I think your comments regarding pan size are probably where I have gone previously wrong, even making yours I'm afraid! Will try and measure properly in future! :)


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