Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Preemio Blogger Award

I have the lovely and already dear friend Holler over at the fabulous vegetarian blog Tinned Tomatoes to thank for this shiny new award. Please check out her blog and drool over her recipes, as I reguarly do! In particular her recipe for Cookies with Pistachio nuts and M&M's has me wanting to lick the screen!

In return for this award, I have to post 7 random things...

1) I need no excuse to add chilli to my food, much to the dismay of my chilli hating boyfriend!

2) I love white chocolate mice over any other sweet...growing up my mum was a childminder and I remember she used to buy the huge tubs and hide them, in turn using them as a bribe for us to be good!

3) I prefer washing up to drying up, my least favourite chore! Making mess in the kitchen is so good until reality sets in!

4) I hate driving, despite driving for the last 10 years I would be happy to never drive again!

5) I normally have my head in a book, or two and read all types, though crime and mystery are my favourite genre (other than food books of course!)

6) During a game of monopoly yesterday we managed to bankrupt the bank, a first I believe!

7) I'm going to be a bridesmaid for the very first time in 2 weeks!!!

And now its over to the following 7 great blogs, who I challenge to now post 7 random things about themseves! Please do check out their blogs :-)

Beth at Jam and Clotted Cream

Kavey at Kaveyeats

Bron at Practically Daily

Janet at http://gourmettraveller88.com/

Sam at Antics of a Cycling Cook

Djkrysa at Culinaria Italia

Last but not least, the lovely Nicola at Cherrapeno</


  1. Cheers Anne - it's really lovely of you to nominate me for this award but I had it a little while ago. You should probably add someone else - there's so many great blogs out there to choose from!

    Definitely with you on the preference for washing up...

  2. Thanks for the award Anne!I really appreciate it.

    I'll get it posted very soon...

  3. Thanks Anne!
    Not really sure I get the "award" side but I enjoyed reading your random things and I visited the blogs you linked!

    So, do I need to post 7 random things about me on my blog?

    PS Who or what is preemio?

  4. Sorry Bron for not spotting it on your blog, will go and put my dunce hat on!

    Kavey - I'll be honest as I don't know where the award originated but they seem a good way of discovering new blogs, look forward to seeing your seven ;-)

    Sam - I look forward to seeing your 7!

  5. Well done, Anne! You deserve it! I enjoyed reading your seven random things!

  6. Thanks Anne. I'm seriously behind on my awards and such, and I think I already did 7 random things, I'll have to go back and see.
    Hope you are going to post some pics of you in your bridesmaid's dress!

  7. Hi Anne

    Thanks very much. I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, it went right out of my mind. I now have to think of 7 random things and 7 people to pass it on to. Is it really "Preemio" or is that a typo?
    Re Random thing No. 6: Do you work for RBS by any chance? :-)



  8. Hi Djkrysa, maybe a typo but not 100%?!

    Re RBS..no! though I almost actually did a while ago but turned the job down, luckily!

  9. Thanks for doing that Anne! It is always most enjoyable to read a meme written by someone you are particularly fond of :)

  10. Thanks so much Anne for the award! I did not realise until I checked the incoming links recently.


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