Saturday, 16 May 2009

Chocolate Mint Rice Pudding - Slow Cooker Recipe

Firstly, apologies for severe lack of posting of late, and visits to all your blogs! Am still job hunting whilst trying not to up the electricity bill!

Secondly, this dish is delicious but does not maketh a pretty photo! It really reminds me of chilli...

As mentioned above with trying to keep our bills low, I dusted off the slow cooker this week for making pudding, a girlfriend was coming around for dinner and I thought chocolate rice pudding would be a treat! The mint inspiration came about when I had assembled the pudding and was about to put the lid on the slow cooker - the fresh mint plant sitting on the windowsill suddenly caught my eye!

This makes 3 portions, though we were greedy and ate it all between the two of us...

40g pudding rice
450ml milk
3 tbsp dark soft brown sugar
2 heaped tsp cocoa powder
1 x 5 inch sprig of fresh mint (kept whole)

Heat the milk and cocoa powder together until just under boiling point, pour into the slow cooker, which needs to be on the 'low' setting (some slow cookers may require pre-heating so do check )

Add in the remaining ingredients and put your feet up! After an hour or so remove the mint and leave for a further 3 hours or until the pudding is all gooey and most of the liquid has been absorbed

This makes a gooey, mint-chocolatey pudding and as delicious as it smells when cooking please do allow it to cool a little before tucking in!


  1. ooooo i think i might have to make rice pudding sometime soon. something i haven't had since i gave anorexia the boot. mmmmm.....

  2. That sounds really good Anne! I only make plain rice pudding, which is nice, but this sounds very tempting. It looks really creamy!

    Oh, I posted about your chocolate cake today.

  3. This is the seond chocolate recipe I've come across today, and the craving's getting worse!

  4. Sorry to hear you've had no luck on the work front, I'm sure something will come along very soon!

    I've never had chocolate rice pudding but I bet this mint version is a real treat.


  5. wow this looks delicious, my daughter would love it all the best getting a job

  6. Hehe, when I was little I'd stir chocolate spread into rice pudding to make it chocolaty, it never looked nice but it tasted wonderful! I bet the mit took it to a whole new level :D

    Katie xox

  7. How ingenious - I would never have thought of minty rice pudding! I just came over from Holler's blog so am enjoying reading your posts!

  8. Anne you are really great.. thanks for sharing your talent and specially in good way of cooking


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