Friday, 10 August 2007

'Dirty' Potatoes

Now I felt compelled to publish this after a recent conversation with the dearest other half..'so do you want dirty potatoes or crushed potatoes tonight' ....erm crushed?? okay...30 minutes later and we are sitting down to eat 'so darling how are your potatoes' ... 'erm not what I expected, thought we having the creamy ones' ah so you meant dirty potatoes...'erm yes I guess so....' and soo.... (and if you are wondering about the unusual name, try it and hopefully you will agree!!)

All quantities are a loose guide!

Requires a lidded wide heavy based pan! Very easy and seriously yummy!

Ingredients for two greedy portions:

Apx 500g charlotte or new littleish potatoes
2 tsp marigold stock powder
4 tbsp cream (any will do!!)
Freshly ground black pepper
Sea Salt
1/2 pint hot water
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp apx butter

1) Wash and slice the potatoes long ways and thinly, removing any gnarly bits!

2) Heat the butter and olive oil, add the potatoes, mix well and cover

3) Boil the water and combine with the marigold powder

4) Add about half the mixture to the potatoes and reduce to a gentle simmer, keeping a casual eye on the potatoes, top up with the remaining marigold mixture as required but do not bathe them!! Keep relatively dry, you do not want to be draining lquid at the end!!

5) After about 18-20 mins test to see if they are done by piercing with a knife, when softened remove from heat, stir in cream and season well and serve!!

Match made in heaven with chicken and cabbage or any other green lush vegetable!!

(For a lighter option simply slice the potatoes and cook in water and marigold stock - equally delicious and less sinful!)

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