Monday, 15 February 2016

Meal Planning Monday

Last week I didn't bother writing a meal planning post - not because I didn't want to but it was the final week (I hope!) of another round of tests on my digestive issues, and I was on a very limited diet again, to which frankly I never want to drink hot marmite any time again soon! It reminded me of a very inadvisable crash diet to get into a bridesmaid dress a few years back! Fortunately and finally I have part of the puzzle solved - I have something called Oesophagitis, basically a moderately inflamed bit above my stomach, which explains nearly all the weird and wonderful joys like persistent heartburn that's kept me awake at nights, random vomiting, general miserableness and being off my food the past few months! Its also a relief was nothing more serious!

Did you have a good Valentines Day? I went to the cinema - twice - then cooked rather late when I got home - we had these lush Coquille St Jacques (I cheated and bought them!) It was the first time B had eaten scallops and he loved them, sad almost for me though as was secretly hoping to eat both of them! Our main was posh sausages, mash and fried courgettes! We were too full so skipped pudding and had it tonight instead - Strawberry blancmange! Soft food is good food!

Whilst its great I have some of the answers (there are still other issues) I've had to re look at my meal planning and choices. I adore chorizo and spicy food, which clearly is off the menu and in all honesty they have been in moderation anyway for some time but now are very much off menu! I've been utterly bewildered by the good old internet as to what is best to eat and read very conflicting advice... onion.. definitely no tomatoes.. confused about aubergine... who knows! Anyway I have made my meal plan, trying to avoid tomatoes but still make tasty food - I even bought a fresh basil plant on Saturday which is smelling heavenly on the windowsill and will be sneaking in meals to liven them up instead!

The plan is done, though there are a few items I bought I have not planned for so some of the sides might get moved around! This is why you should take a list....

Ham, egg and spinach florentine, baguette 

(made this years back, loved it then and sure will still do!)

Sticky cocktail sausages, stir fried veggies, noodles 
(Nigella recipe with honey and soy)

Salmon Fishcakes, peas, mash 
(cheaty midweek meal!)

Feta and olive Turkey burgers, roasted veggies, couscous 
(new recipe I found here, not had before but look good!)

Tuna in black pepper breadcrumbs, spring rolls, egg fried rice 
(a cheat item - both tuna and spring rolls bought reduced!)

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