Monday, 27 April 2015

Meal Planning Monday

Sorry I am a bad blogger. I just really have lacked motivation over the past few months, my meal planning has been done sporadically often without rhyme, or reason and overall I suppose, that actually I am not that sorry. Having a semi on/off break has been helpful in working out what actually I want from life, finding that perfect balance, is well never possible as I believe perfection often results in ruin and drives my long standing anxiety round the bend and back again. In some ways I am no closer to finding what makes me tick but one thing that is important is spending quality time with loved ones, that's what makes my heart sing anyway!

Life has been busy, we are currently landscaping my mums garden, which is finally taking shape after what seems like forever and its been playing havoc with my body but thanks to mass quantities of pain killers its made it all worthwhile! Sunshine on my skin, and feeling like I have made a difference is like a soothing balm to my soul. We have a new fridge freezer, which is pretty exciting as I can take more advantage of reductions and I've had some proper bargains squirreled away! 

Overall though I've still been cooking, just not been as actively blogging/ tweeting/ instagrammaing etc, as whilst naughty finger was healing it was somewhat a nightmare, yet alone trying to photograph and scribble down on top of the hassle! Fortunately its nearly back to normal and I can just about type with it, not waving in the air like some crazy flag! 

So this week I have made a proper plan, Thursdays meal is questionable as Cricket season has started, and therefore I am now billy no mates most weekends and the odd Thursday too, I see a lot of cheese and mushroom dishes in my future!

Tonight we had this fridge surprise - Aubergine and Polish sausage and rice - basically leftover rice, fried with aubergine chunks, Polish salami and tomatoes, some leftover salsa formed the sauce diluted down:

Bacon and cheese pasta bake, broccoli 
Beef burgers, sweet potato wedges, carrot pea mix 
Tuna meatballs with orzo
Chicken, coconut and green bean curry, rice 


  1. Yummy meal plan! I've been very sporadic with my posting too since the new year... I think I am back on track now! :)

  2. Great meal plan, sounds really tasty. Look forward to reading more meal planning posts in the future. Have a great week :)


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