Monday, 6 October 2014

Monday Meal Plan w/c: 06/10/14 and a little Round-Up

Its been a busy few weeks since my last meal plan post apologies – I have been doing them on the pc but not actually had time to blog them! This is also because Monday now involves going to a Pilates class and so pretty much by the time I finish work, make dinner and relax for two minutes its time to get the sexy leggings on and leave!

Not much baking recently - I feel all baked out after we ran the Macmillan Coffee Morning bake sale at work recently, we raised a fantastic £111.92 for the charity! I made a Speculaas Bundt, some Jam and Coconut buns, lots of rice crispy cakes and colleagues kindly made brownies and banana bread! I wheeled the trolley around the departments selling our wares and sweet talking nearly everyone into making a purchase! Think I did well!

We had a disappointing visit to a small food & music show last weekend – two of the food stalls had not turned up and we waited nearly an hour at the wood fired pizza stall, which to be honest by the time it came I had finished my pint of bitter and was slightly tipsy from standing in the sun so long and I really didn't fancy it anyway! They had of course run out of the advertised Ham Hock & Edam one so we opted for the remaining Pepperoni which didn’t at all taste like pepperoni. Was meat anyway in some form! 

On a plus note I had a very glitzy evening out with Ferrero Rocher – we learned how they were made along with taste testing - such hard work! I will be doing a later post with some of their exciting new ranges, especially for Christmas!

So its finally onto this weeks Meal Plan! Monday night I will be trying out some special veggie sausages I was sent recently to review.. we have some lush garlic BBQ sauce in the fridge that needs eating and will adorn them well! Thursday I am out to an old friend for dinner, which is hopefully involving Paella! I will leave something for my boyfriend to eat, it will likely involve chorizo...!

Veggie Sausage Kebabs with Salad 
Aubergine Jambalaya 
Lemon sole with crushed potatoes and leels 
Out  - B will be fridge chorizo suprise!
Toad in the hole 

As always - I've added my linky to Mrs M's Meal planning blog!

Next weekend we are off to The Chocolate Show in London which should be exciting! I do plan to eat my body weight in chocolate!

What are your plans this week? Anything exciting happening?


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  1. Sounds like you have been busy! Ohh making Ferrero Rocher! Very exciting!
    Great meal plan x


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