Tuesday 5 August 2014

No Waste Food Challenge - The July Round Up!!

The lovely Elizabeth from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary handed over her No Waste Food Challenge reins last month and I have been spoiled by a heavenly looking host of delicious recipes to tempt you all with and most importantly give inspiration so that no food goes to waste! Something I care passionately about and avoid at all costs!

July's challenge opened with my Rocky Road using up lots of neglected ingredients and now I get to share with you all the treats that have been dropping into my inbox!

I have had a whopping 22 fabulous entries into the challenge and discovered along the way a wealth of new food blogs to drool over and some dishes that I had never heard of either! 

So here we go with the round -up!
Kate at Gluten free Alchemist - Date, Apricot & Coconut Flapjack

These wholesome gluten free flapjacks look so gorgeously golden, enriched with an assortment of dried fruits and nuts – they are great for using up any stray ingredients and turning into and making a delicious treat!

Allotment 2 Kitchen - Spiced Coriander and Carrot Hummus

I love hummus at the best of times but Shaheen’s Spiced Coriander and Carrot Hummus really tickles my taste-buds! Its tempting orange hue and whole chickpeas decorate the hummus beautifully!

Michelle at Utterly Scrummy Food for Families - Banana Chocolate Chip Swirls

Michelle’s blog features lots of family friendly recipes and she has entered these heavenly looking banana and dark chocolate swirls, we often have leftover bananas and I have a small repitoire of banana recipes so its great to add something a little different to the regular banana bread!

Lancashire Food – SurpriseTurnip Soup

I always think of turnips being a rather unfashionable vegetable but Linzi has given the one she found randomly growing in her garden a lease of life in this creamy looking soup

Camilla has given us her lovely looking rustic Wholemeal Cheddar and Apple Chutney Soda Bread with Cider, which came about from not having any bread in for lunch! Perfect when time is short and it saves you having to venture out!

Chris – Cooking Around The World – Vatapa from Brazil

Vatapa is a completely new dish on me – it heralds from Brazil, very of the moment following the World Cup! This eye catching bowl of spicy, creamy fish with my favourite cashew nuts in looks delicious and salvaged some abandoned red peppers! Chris reminisces about being 20 – golly what a lot of time has passed since I was 20, not sure I would want to be 20 again but would too like the energy of myself back then!

Johanna in Melbourne hosts Green Gourmet Giraffe – Mashed Potato Chocolate Cake

Johanna gave us her intriguing sounding chocolate ring shaped cake using leftover mashed potato, which heralds from her fond childhood memories causing her siblings to shudder in horror! I think it actually looks quite tasty, I use leftover mash in welsh cakes so chocolate cake isn’t really too horrifying!

Onions and paper – Canellini bean hummus

Jane at Onions and Paper gives us our second NWFC Hummus in the form of her creamy looking cannellini bean hummus, topped with fragrant herbs and spices. I often have half a tin of beans going spare so hummus is a great idea to save them from the waste bin!

English Girl Canadian Man - Slow cooked vegetarian lamb and Chinese braised tofu

I must admit ‘Vegetarian Lamb’ is a new one on me but Holly's Slow cooked Vegetarian Lamb and Chinese braised tofu using up leftover veggies does look rustic and tasty!

I’d much rather bake than..Banana, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream

We have another fabulous leftover banana recipe in the form of Laura’s 3 ingredient Banana, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream. I am not a fan of peanut butter on its own but this ice cream sounds delicious!

Onions and Paper – Bottom of fridge Minestrone

Jane has been busy using her leftovers this month and gave us another recipe – this is her bottom of the fridge minestrone using an assortment of odd’s and ends – soup is a great way to give neglected veggies a hearty send off!

Family Friends Food - Courgette and Potato Tortilla

Helen used up some delightful sounding smoky barbecue potatoes in this delicious looking Courgette and Potato Tortilla – I love using up leftovers in these fab Tortilla aka Spanish Omelettes, yum!

I’d much rather bake than..  Double chocolate cake pop truffles

Laura has also been busy in the kitchen and gives us her second NWFC entry in the form of these heavenly Double chocolate cake pop truffles, made from leftover Chocolate Chilli Loaf cake that she had stashed in the freezer. Both the original cake and resulting cake pops look so wonderful and anything bite sized is always a winner!

Johanna in Melbourne hosts Green Gourmet Giraffe - Smoky Cheese and Barley Nut Roast

Johanna celebrated Christmas in July, and made us also her second NWFC entry in the form of a delicious looking Smoky Cheese and Barley Nut Roast, using up leftover seasoned crumbs and cornflakes. I feel I really must give nut roast another try as I’ve only tried it twice and didn’t really like it but Johanna’s looks so tasty it is tempting me!

Helen @ Family Friends Food - Lemon, lavender and almond cake

Wow another repeat offender, hehe only joking – Helen is also working overtime in the kitchen to reduce their waste and baked us a gluten free cake – using some of a neglected bag of potato flour up from Passover, she made an elegant looking Lemon, lavender and almond cake.

Alexandra is a girl after my own heart and thoroughly agrees that ice cream is not just for summer! She baked us Hydrox Cookies and made these glorious Sundaes with Raspberry and Espresso Hot Fudge, admittedly I had no idea what Hydrox meant but Alexandra assures us she didn’t know before either, they are the original Oreo cookie!

We have another banana recipe in ice cream form, yay! Its made by Lou, from Eat Your Veg and its ready in a flash using frozen bananas and a blender! I do like the sneaky malteasers on top too! Banana’s are great to keep stashed in the freezer for quick and tasty desserts! I often keep ripe ones stashed away for banana bread too!
The Lass In The Apron - Molasses Flapjacks

Another repeat offender! Alexandra is clearing out her cupboards in advance of moving house – and continents – and gives us her gorgeously wholesome looking sticky Molasses Flapjacks.

Tales from the Kitchen Shed - Swiss Chard, Mushroom and Potato Frittata

Sarah was spoiled with a basket full of eggs from a kind neighbour and made this delicious Frittata! Eggs are great for making a handful of ingredients into a meal!

Cornish girl Choclette made us a Turkish influenced tofu dish with her home made cocoa laced Dukkah, which she has kept stashed in the freezer since last year!

Madhouse Family Reviews   Corned Beef Rissoles

Mashed potato is a fab leftover ingredient and these corned beef rissoles are a great idea for something different! I can't remember the last time we had corned beef but its always a handy ingredient!

Madhouse Family Reviews - Fruity Summer Rolls

We have another second entry – Fruity summer rolls which use a combination of leftover dried and fresh fruits and rice paper to wrap them in, such a novel idea for a sweet ‘spring roll’!

Wow! I am hungry now after typing all of that up and drooling over your photos! Many thanks to all my wonderful entries!


  1. Thank you so much for hosting, lots of good looking food here. Time for me to make a tortilla!

  2. Great round up.... There are lots of wonderful ideas and inspiration here!!! Thanks for hosting!

  3. What a tasty round up ! So many recipes to choose from for ideas , they all look so delicious. Thanks for hosting.


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