Monday, 21 October 2013

Oh its you again! Hello Monday's Meal Plan..

So where did last week go? Answers on a postcard please! I've just completed another long run of shifts - this time 8 in a row, including straight from night to day shifts and I am sitting here, feet up 'testing' out a bottle of Citrus lager picked up mere minutes ago whilst popping out to buy mustard for tomorrow's recipe...Went in for mustard. £25 know the deal..though I did get a bunch of flowers for 10p, 8 apples for 10p, and two packets of ready diced vegetable 'base' and a 3 bean casserole veg mix for 10p each too. This made up slightly for spending more than planned at least! And I have pretty flowers to look at which is always welcome!

Last weeks meal plan was hit and miss, Monday's walnut and gorganzola pasta was moved to the weekend and eaten over two days. Very nice it was too though cheese hating B proclaimed it 'disgusting' among other words...Saturday's sausage and mash got moved to this weeks plan, as we went out for a Chinese in the end with a friend. And the beetroot burgers are back on the make at some point list!

This week has been drafted but I had an interesting invite earlier to something in town so might be moved around a little!

Monday - was tonight. Ate some work leftovers, nothing exciting as ate well at lunch. B had an omelette

Tuesday - planning to make this Maple and mustard pulled pork from the BBC Good Food website. Hence the trip out tonight for the mustard! We are having mini roasties and green beans with it. Some nibbles to start, including some smoked salmon taramasalata I picked up tonight..

Wednesday - Its my nemesis - Toad in the hole. If my batter fails it will be sausage casserole!

Thursday - this is the hmm night..I am also planning to go to Westfield with a girlfriend in the day but weve both been waylaid by bugs so might be rescheduled. so dinner is freezer surprise. Possibly the scampi we didn't have last week!

Friday - Going for a curry with work for someones leaving do. 

Weekend - am on night shifts, eurgh! Possbily risotto one night, leftovers the following!

As always - mine is linked to Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday

Happy eating everyone!



  1. All sounds absolutely scrumptious - love the look of that pulled pork recipe!


  2. I do my weekly plan and we mostly stick to it but it's funny how postponed dinners get postponed again and wallow in the freezer!


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