Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Anne's Kitchens new Cafetiere

Coffee is one of life's essentials for me! Even though I do the occasional battle with acid reflux nothing gets between me and my caffeine, I am a firm believer in everything in moderation and providing I stick to small quantities  the stomach behaves just fine! 
Whilst I normally like the higher end instant coffee's, sometimes I just like to relax back and make a proper cup of ground coffee. Previously I had a rather old cafetiere which had seen better days and I had been eyeing up smaller versions to replace it with, when Bodum gave me opportunity to try one of their models. After perusing the website for some time debating what would suit me best, I fell in love with a pretty little red number with the rather cute name of Bean!

Since Bean's arrival, it has firmly earned its place and whilst being advertised as a 3 cup - that means small espresso cup sized, alternatively I get one large one mug out of it and buzz for a few hours! My cafetiere is perfectly sized for making coffee for one and we are both very happy together!

A really great feature is the heat sealing lid, as I am rather forgetful and it keeps my coffee piping hot until I remember its sitting waiting for me in the kitchen! It also doesn't drip either, resulting in less mess, always a good thing!

Perfect coffee with a lovely slice of homemade upside down pear cake:

Many thanks to Bodum!

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