Monday, 6 August 2012

Baby Bundt buns

A couple of weeks ago I was caught at a weak moment out shopping alone (friends and family know not to allow me unsupervised into cook shops) and fell victim to a new baking tin.  I really have no need for any more baking tins. The fact also remains I have two boxes already of them, under my bed due to lack of kitchen storage. 

But just look at how cute it is! 

How could mere mortal me resist such beauty for only 64 pennies reduced as the shop was closing down? It also happened to coincide with using up the last egg from a lovely box of local farm eggs, and a chance to test a bottle of new Stork liquid margarine I was sent to try out.. 

Not knowing how much mixture the tin would take, I quickly threw together a basic 1 egg vanilla sponge mixture and it worked perfectly, creating 6 little strange planet shaped buns! 

Due to the er, rather generous size, most of them I cut through the middle and filled with jam, which was delicious but separately that week I had been given a couple of sticks of rhubarb from my mum's neighbour, which I cooked down with a little sugar, and when cooled down enough, used in lieu of the jam filling.

Looks a little alien like I think! However thoroughly delicious!

Whilst the liquid Stork was very easy to use, the cake batter does still requires a certain amount of mixing, something physically I struggle to do due to old health issues. After the mixing, I was a little scared as the cake batter looked very runny but the baby bun's rose beautifully! Since these I used it for another baking recipe but this time with the mixer - it was definitely just as runny but you could not tell in the finished results.

Being honest though I do just prefer to use my hand mixer and regular Stork margarine, something which my mum always baked with growing up (and still does) and I do too with nearly all my baking. I have heard a lot of people say they prefer real butter but no one’s ever turned down my cakes!

Many thanks to Stork and Clarion for the sample.


  1. They are brilliant, I'm sure you will come up with lots more ideas for them.

  2. Super cute! I would make mini rum babas in them.
    I wouldn't turn down your cakes either, but I do prefer to use real butter. :)

  3. Janice - I am planning next batch already!

    Beth - aw thanks, ditto!

    Nic - ooh rum baba's sound interesting! And yes I love butter but cakes is always stork for me!



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