Friday 27 July 2012

Random Recipe 18 - Something A Little Different..

This month Dom from the wonderful Belleau Kitchen blog set a rather unusual Random Recipe theme..rather than making something from our books under the random theme, it was instead to photograph all of our lovely cookery books!

In a past life, I had three glorious bookshelves, all carefully laid out but what with moving twice in the past year and downsizing, my poor cookery books have subjected to months languishing between the boot of the car, under the bed, by the side of the bed and everywhere else in between it would seem! Some even dare I say it...have moved on to pastures new due to space issues...never to be forgotten though!

So now the survivors are down to just two homes. And in all honesty could be trimmed down a little more but all in good time!!

Their main home now is my last surviving Billy bookshelf - which thanks to the very generous Jules answering my twitter prayer many months back after losing one the bolts during one the house moves, is functional again and now plays home to as many cookery books as I could fit on it, along with a few other random non food ones (yes there are books outside of food! Shocking!) It is carefully sandwiched in my bedroom between my computer desk and boxes of various items that needs to still go to ebay/ charity etc which will happen when I finally remember to take them with me!

Their second home is in the lounger, in a rather unattractive shelving unit that came with the flat, they jostle for space with a pile of fiction books that I am yet to read. Fortunately I am now all finished with my college studies so have lots of free time again to slowly plough through them all! For a while I couldn't bear the thought of looking in a non maths related book but thankfully thats all for a long while yet! I rarely luckily have to buy any books as they get swapped around family and friends, so have quite a backlog now to get through! Also on the shelf is my mini hoover pig - cant resist anything a bit kitsch!

Underneath is a small pile of cookery books that are also destined for pastures new...mainly ones bought on bulk deals via the Book People that I have never, and will probably never get around to to using and really deserve better than gathering dust here..

There is usually one or two cookery books on my bedside table but I have tidied up this week so the table top is clear for a change! Most recently it was My Favourite Ingredients by Skye Gyngell I was given for my birthday that is rather lovely so far..
So that's them! Now I am off to put all the bits n bobs that adorn (clutter) the bookshelf in my room back on it, which currently includes two Hawaaian Lei's from a recent hen party and my new jewellery hanger that recently broke the to find a drill....!


  1. I was so busy updating the round-up I forgot to post a comment!... I love your collection and those sagging shelves but it makes me laugh that you cleared the knick-knacs away just for us!... that's dedication. Thanks so much for entering this month, hope you come back for more!

  2. Goodness Anne, sounds like you've done really well to keep your sanity with house moves and having to get rid of precious books. Good to see your collection, it's been an interesting RR this month.

  3. LOL! LOVE the fact you "tidied" up for the RR photo shoot! GREAT to see your books.....Karen

  4. Lovely to see all your books - and interesting to see which ones you have. I too had to do a bit of a tidy up before posting my pictures!

  5. Moving twice - that's no joke. I know what you mean about the boxes of things that really have to go to charity - I even seem to get given other peoples' stuff for me to take to charity shops, I've really got to do that.

  6. Will we be seeing more recipes now you are finished studying? Have really enjoyed seeing everyone's books, thanks for sharing.

  7. Dom - thankyou so much for including my humble collection!

    Choclette - Its funny as I went through a lot more than just the moves but the thing that hurts the most is having to package up the beloved books each time!

    Karen - glad you appreciated the tidying up!!

    Caroline - many thanks, glad I am not the only one to tidy up first!

    Phil - you must have a strange reputation to be given stuff, in order to take to charity...!

    Janice - Yes! I have been cooking a lot more and providing I remember the crucial things like writing down quantities I hope to post more soon!


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