Sunday, 19 June 2011

Bulghur Wheat with Feta and Roasted Vegetables

This is a bit of an accidental entry - I had planned to post something else tonight but then spotted over at Cake, Crumbs and Cooking her delicious roasted vegetable and giant couscous salad, which additionally was her No Croutons Required entry - and remembered I'd taken a picture of my lunch today, which just happened to be Bulghur Wheat with Roasted Vegetables and so decided to post this instead! 

Like C has said, I too had been meaning to participate in so many NCR challenges but always missed the deadline, so I'm quite pleased that I spotted her post, and actually had something I could add!

I really enjoyed this salad in my lunchbox; I'd made enough yesterday morning to cover both last nights dinner and today's lunch at work, it travelled well and made a nice change to my usual salad of a few leaves and leftovers, something which had become a bit of a joke in my works staffroom! At least with this I could prove I did not dine solely on cucumber!

Ingredients for 2 lunch servings

100g bulghur wheat
1 tbsp olive oil
1 large carrot, cut into 1 cm dice
1 medium sized courgette, as above
1/2 yellow pepper, cut into chunks
100g feta or similar cheese, cut into 1/2 cm chunks
5 basil leaves, shredded
3 mushrooms quartered
2 tsp marigold bouillon powder

Pre-heat the oven to 180 fan/ 200 regular. Line a baking tray with baking parchment or a silicon sheet and pour on the olive oil

Place all the vegetables on the baking tray, toss well in the oil and roast for approx 30 minutes, or until the vegetables are cooked and golden brown, allow to cool

In a bowl, mix the bulghur wheat with marigold powder, pour over boiling water to cover by about a centimetre, cover with cling film and allow to stand for 15 minutes, remove the cover, stir well - all of the liquid should have been absorbed, allow to cool.

Once everythings cooled down, combine the bulghur wheat, vegetables, cheese, and basil. Either serve immediately or pack into tubs for lunch!


  1. I am forever missing NCR too!

    Bulgar salad looks great! It is such a useful grain - which reminds me that we have not had any for AGES!

    It is also fab stir fried.

  2. Bulgur has been rekindled in my kitchen as well. I made a lot of bulgur last summer, and found another package. I am loving it! This looks like a wonderful salad. :)

  3. Is Bulgur Wheat similar to couscous? I have serious lunch envy right now! I've been craving something healthy that wont send me to sleep at my desk afterwards... this looks perfect! Especially being made ahead... how long do you reheat it for (sorry for all the questions)?

  4. This looks really delicious - have recently bought some bulgur, but have never used it before - this seems like a good recipe to try it out with cheers, priya

  5. Helen - am intrigued by the stir-frying comment - will have to test it out!

    Janet - its such a handy grain, so quick to prepare and light to eat, glad you like it!

    Catherine - yes its very similar to couscous but a bit more chunkier and I think a bit more nutty tasting. Is really good as a lunchbox filler, I'm having it again today but with pesto & salmon chunks stirred through :) I never re-heat it, though don't think would take very long if you wanted too - maybe 3-4 minutes in the microwave?

    Priya - Hope you enjoy it! Is very easy to prepare and delicious!


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