Monday, 16 May 2011

Cake Pops..

A couple of weeks back I had a few hours to kill, and as I normally rather enjoy baking, decided to finally get around to baking some cake pops, which seem to be a newish trend in baking...several hours later, and covered in a light film of cocoa and icing sugar dust they were finally complete! 

They tasted fantastic, gorgeously dense and chocolately with a cherry kick, though were very much a labour of love! Mine were dipped in white chocolate and then topped with a variety of hundreds & thousands, crushed butterscotch pieces and honeycomb. They make a great novelty dessert and are ideal for parties and family gatherings...

However my dearest friends and family – I know you loved these heart stopping chunky chocolate boulders of sweet delight but please note they were a one off as I don’t intend to ever bake these again anytime soon. Or at least until maybe I own a dishwasher, decent hand whisk and learn to be patient. Oh, and have someone to clean up after me!


  1. Anne, your cake pops look gorgeous! I've not made cake pops yet but sounds like there is a lot of work involved!!!


  2. OMG what a mess lol! I've always had a problem with cake bake a cake, then you pulverise it and make it back into a different kind of cake. Something just wrong about that, but they are cute looking.

  3. Hi Anne! They look wonderful but sound quite laborious! I had to chuckle at your photo....that is quite normal with me after any baking/cooking session.I´m a bit of a messy cook!

  4. What a fun post, Anne. Love the last photo ;-)
    Your cake pops look fabulous: butterscotch topping? Save that one for me!

  5. They look great. Maybe try my cheesecake balls - they're much less messy!

  6. Those are cute. And yes, cake pops are SO messy!

  7. Haha, love that scene of kitchen destruction! Looks like they were well worth the effort though. I had a cake pops recipe book for my birthday but I haven't tried them yet, looks like I need to clear an afternoon for it!

  8. Haha, I love that you showed off the mess! The cake pops look can though and definitely worth the washing up :)

  9. Maria – Thankyou! They are a lot of work but a good way to lose a few spare hours in the kitchen!

    Janice – You should of seen the floor and washing up pile, that picture is a fraction of the mess sadly! Totally agree with the ‘wrongness’, felt so bad baking a lovely cake only to crumble to smithereens! Worth it though at least!

    Tracey – thanks, glad am not the only one!

    Jill – The mess was quite something! I’ve discovered from Sainsburys little bags of butterscotch chips, are great for the toppings!

    The Caked Crusader – I have seen and snagged your cheesecake balls, pleased to note they are less messy too!

    Indie.Tea – thanks! They are definitely a messy recipe!

    Kim - They were worth it but wont be hurrying to destroy the kitchen anytime soon! Think I am still finding cocoa powder ingrained in the tiles! Your book sounds great but definitely do allow plenty of time! Look forward to seeing your results!

    Aveen - Always like to share the good, and bad! One day I’ll have a dishwasher…!

  10. Your pops are cute Anne. My kitchen would look like that too!


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