Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Do you believe in Fairies?

Do you believe in Fairies? Not sure? Well the good news is there is one that definitely exists, and its called the Fairy Hobmother!!

I recently commented on a post at Fuss Free Flavours and shortly after I had an email from the Fairy Hobmother (Fairies are high-tech nowadays ;-)) from Appliances Online granting me a wish! I had admittedly asked for a tumble dryer, which understandably the fairy couldn't quite run to but instead granted me a book wish and I am now happily reading through a copy of the River Cottage Everyday cookbook! 

Appliances Online are one of the UK's largest Online Kitchen Appliance retailers, selling a whole host of appliances including Range Cookers and Wine Coolers (aka to be in my dream house!) 

So now do you believe in Fairies? If so then please leave me a comment below advising what you would like from the Fairy Hobmother in your kitchen and they may just visit you soon! Good luck!


  1. Oh a new cookbook would be perfect for me, you can never have too many!!

  2. You lucky girl, the River Cottage Everyday cookbook looks good!

    I would love a hand-held mixer but I'd be happy with this cookbook too :)


  3. I most definitely do believe in fairies ^_^ I would absolutely love a shiny dishwasher in my kitchen because I LOVE the cooking but hate the washing up : ( And if the Fairy couldn't run to a dishwasher I'd gladly take a handsome young man to do them for me by hand lol xxx

  4. OOh, appliances... where to start?!

    I'd love an icecream maker, or a new electric whisk, or a spice grinder... or.. even a tumble dryer. A dishwasher, a microwave small enough to fit in my matchbox kitchen..
    I don't want much, I know!

  5. Oh! you got one too? Well done! that is 6 that I know of from my blog.

  6. Now I didn't know books were allowed. It looks like a good one you chose. I'm sort of expecting something in the post soon, but it isn't a book.

  7. Can the Fairy Hobmother refit my whole kitchen? Hehe.

  8. You can never have too many cookbooks, especially when they have River Cottage in the title!
    What machine would I like? I covet my brother in law's espresso machine which does everything from grinding the right amount of beans right through to making the perfect drink, a dishwasher would be wonderful (and would be greatly appreciated by my husband's aching back as he does most of the dishes!) and I really like the look of the Tefal electric fryer, especially as it is a low fat machine!
    I can but wish ... perhaps I will ask Santa at the end of the year!
    'Meanderings through my Cookbook'


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