Monday, 19 January 2009

Two Cookery books for the price of None!

Apologies for delay since my last posting, I have had what the doctor called 'golfer's elbow' (I have no idea how, or why, as I don't even play golf!) which has ultimately left me unable to cook, read or anything else really, how typical the one time I am off work and I can't pore over my bookshelves, its been a depressing fortnight! How people cope with daytime television I will never know. However, am slowly getting back into cooking, restricted a little though but seemingly on the mend, finally!

Meals in our household have needless to say been interesting, my other half doesn't share my love of food or cooking and has been quite put out at having to make dinner, but bless his heart he has coped well with my bossing around and we are still alive to tell the tale!
I have, with his help, tried a few new recipes out from my mountain of books, with mixed results not worth blogging about unfortunately! However I can recommend the Lamb and Spinach pilaf from Olive magazine, was very easy and tasty for an after work meal. Lets just say the recipe for Weight Watchers Thai chicken & spinach curry won't be featuring again at home...

And yes, getting back to my title, you did read it correctly!

As you all will know I love and hoard food books, they are addictive reading. I received two free cookbooks last week, which managed to put a smile on my face! I am now up to 99, I don't like seeing odd numbers so might just have to rectify....though I did just pay for a holiday, plus exhibition tickets, so I might need to leave it till February!

The first book was a complete surprise, a while back I had entered a competition from Olive magazine and never expected to win, but then was pleasantly surprised when 'A Passion for Puddings' by Paul Vickery landed on my on doormat! Every dish looks delicious and more importantly to me, manageable - goodbye to my waistline in 2009!! I look forward to trying out the recipes and have already agreed with a girlfriend that come summer, she is getting her BBQ out and I am bringing over strawberry coconut cheesecake for pudding, as I think will make a perfect summer treat!
Secondly, I was in the supermarket and Green and Black's had a promotion, where if you purchase 2 bars of chocolate you get their book free! (okay you've twisted my arm!) Unfortunately I am a little impatient and whilst the recipes look lovely, some a little more interesting, I feel the first book will get more kitchen time! Nice to drool over anyway, whilst I consume my bar of Almond chocolate...


  1. Oh sorry to hear that your elbow is still playing up. Hope it gets better soon.

    I have the G&B choc book but not the other, so will look forward to seeing some scrummy puds when your arm is better.
    Congrats for winning the comp, you lucky thing!

  2. Well done winning the book! It sounds great and he is supposed to be the king of puds.
    The Green & Black's promotion sounds like a brilliant offer.
    Pleased that you are on the mend.

  3. Both still alive after handing over the reins of your kitchen may well be the achievemnet of your week! Glad you're on the mend - more better food soon.

  4. What a great prize, I hope you'll let us know how your puddings turn out.

    I have the Green and Blacks book too, I was planning on making the salted caramel tart sometime soon.

  5. I am sorry to hear about your elbow - I do hope things are better soon!!

    Huge congrats on winning those cookbooks *huge smile* I agree you need to make it 100 no odd numbers ;0)

    Rosie x

  6. You fell for it, you fell for the chocolate....!!

    Well, I know. Who wouldn't...

    Well done on your comp win, and get better soon. (And how on earth does gold elbow differ from, say, tennis elbow?)

  7. Thanks everyone for your kind words, I managed to cook dinner on Monday night on my own, so am slowly getting there! Have missed being in the kitchen, making a mess!!

    I will of course blog any successes from the new books! I just need to decide what to make first!

    The other half has actually told me he is cooking Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner tomorrow night, when we have his family over and that I can put my feet up, I nearly passed out in shock as he has only cooked twice in the 6 years we’ve been together; maybe my elbow was a blessing in disguise?!

    Sam – that salted caramel tart looks delicious, do let me know what it is like!

    aforkfulofspaghetti - regarding golfers elbow, apparently tennis elbow is where the problem is at the top of the joint and golfers elbow the bottom…bizarre really!


  8. Hi Anne

    Hope your elbow gets better soon.

    I have had Phil Vickerys Pudding book in my wishlist at amazon for a while now but I think I will be ordering this soon!


  9. Oh dear, your poor elbow! I hope it continues to heal quickly!

    Congratulations on the two free cookbooks! How fabulous!

  10. Hope you're on the mend.

    I have both those books but am yet to make anything from either...although I have tabbed lots of pages!

  11. Almost out of pain now yippee and back in the kitchen!

    Am planning to make first dish from puddings book this weekend - vanilla blancmange with saffron sauce....we shall see!


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