Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Frugal Living and General update

In the run up to my upcoming summer holiday (2 weeks!) and also the fact due to everything going up in price, we have been eating through the freezer and cupboards lately, which as a result I've not posted as much recently. One pot rice is becoming a permanent fixture it would appear!

Frugal has been the watchword at home, resulting in some interesting combinations, not worthy of writing but not as bad as when I was at college, working around the clock many moons ago! I have been bulking out dishes more and using items that have been lurking in the freezer a bit too long! We finally ate the handmade pork and leek sausages from the butchers last week (in freezer since June!), which I thought were lovely and meaty but the other half is not easily pleased and was not as fond unfortuantely, there is still a pack of cumberland which are down for this Friday so will see how they compare.

It was my partner's birthday last week and we had his family over for dinner which was lovely. I especially took the day off work and made in total 16 generous portions of lasagne, from scratch, including the bechámel sauce and it was worth it as one of the best I have made, I also have realised I need to edit my link for ragu as seems quite different to the one I make now! For anyone attempting large quantities of lasagne, I used 2 kg minced beef, 500g grated cheese, a ball of mozzarela, a cup of parmesan and 3 pints of milk, amongst other items!

Also forgot to add I am now the proud owner of two Microplane graters! Where have they been all my life?! I realised also that I do in fact rather like kitchen gadgets as found myself cooing over the little curls it had made of my cheese last night!

Hope everyone is keeping well :)

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