Thursday, 19 June 2008

Tropical Fruit Jelly

This was an wishful experiment after realising it was to late to go out and buy dessert and didnt have much time to prepare for people coming around!

Whilst it was lovely and refreshing now, this would make a perfect Halloween dessert due to its green colouring!!

Serves 6-8

Two packets lime jelly
1 tin mandarin segments
1 tin coconut milk
2 tbsp maraschino cherries
Cold Water

You will need two jugs for this!

Split the jelly between the two jugs and make up with hot water, as per the pack instructions, mix well until dissolved

now open the mandarins and pour their juice into one of the jugs and place the fruit in your intended dish, make up the rest of the liquid using strained coconut milk, the remaining milk should top up the 2nd jug perfectly but you may need a dash of water to bring up level

Now place the cherries in with the mandarins and pour over the liquids, allow to cool thoroughly and refridgerate until set.

*As you will see from the picture the mixture seperated at the bottom but it looked really good, kinda two-tone!*

*I also made this again this week using strawberry jelly and thick and creamy coconut milk, which didnt need straining, was perfect girly pink!*

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  1. Lovely, just my sort of thing, will keep it for the future.


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