Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Tuesday Ramblings...

Well the beloved has broken the home pc and is currently trying to source a new processor, so no pictures or much else as having to sneak on at work

Last weekend made Jamie Oliver's Broccoli and Canneloni (pix to follow - see above!) was nice but very rich and creamy! Also used a herby ciabatta with my own garlic butter which was good but needed more garlic (I adore the stuff!!)

Also made baileys tiramisu thingy http://anneskitchen1.blogspot.com/2007/03/recipe-for-egg-free-and-very-quick.html which was lovely (as always!)

Lidl seemed to have re-stocked all their wines but my favourite one seems to be now missing, without a trace :( however, not all bad news as their new rioja and valdepasse (will check spelling!!) were excellent value :)

Also made a spanish chicken and chorizo stew thingy on Sunday and managed to succesfully bone chicken thighs, without shredding them so my butchering is improving! Then went back to basics for supper and used a jar of Lidl's Bratwurst to make hot dog pasta with cheese sauce yum yum! :-)

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