Friday, 12 October 2007

Annes Kitchen is moving!!

Am finally very pleased to have paid deposit and now me and mr annes kitchen are moving into a bigger property complete with SEPERATE and BIG kitchen and DOUBLE oven!!! Gosh I cant wait!! Still renting but better than current open - plan kitchen!!

Has been very sporadic my recent posting for which I do apologise, has been mental of late and doesnt seem to be settling!! Have to move out in just 3 weeks and then a week after moving in to new place I am finally off to see my beloved Take That!!!!!!!! Not quite foodie related but I would like to eat Gary Barlow alive so maybe that counts? ;-) (EDIT: Mr Barlow did infact look good enough to eat (at all three concerts....!!)

The next three weeks will involve clearing the kitchen cupboards out so am sure will result in lots of new foodie experiments!!

Love to all

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